Law School Innovation Index

This prototype highlights 38 law school legal-service delivery innovation and technology programs of which we are aware as of October 31, 2017. Law schools have earned the criticism they face for failing to update their curricula and failing to prepare students for 21st-century practice. That said, it’s time to move beyond generalizations and broad rebukes, which fail to recognize a contingent of law schools that have undertaken significant efforts to align law school education with the knowledge and competencies that students need for long-term career success.

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Catalog of Law Firm Innovations

This Catalog captures legal-service delivery innovations. It does not contain any substantive legal innovations (e.g., the “poison pill”). Only innovations that have been implemented are included. For example, law firms working with legal startups are identified only if they have moved beyond testing to offering a product to clients. Likewise, we do not attempt to identify every eDiscovery and due diligence service, since most firms offer these, although we have included some that include innovative or multidisciplinary offerings. When faced with close calls, we have generally erred on the side of inclusion.

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Law Firm Innovation Index

This Phase 1, Version 1.0 of the Law Firm Innovation Index measures law firm innovation based on Google Advanced searches for indicators of innovation on law firm websites. This is not a ranking of law firms. As discussed below, this approach has weaknesses, including that it may not capture the most critical aspects of innovation, such as whether a firm has an innovative culture in which everyone from the bottom to top of the organization is engaged in innovation and efforts to continuously provide greater value to clients. That said, given the paucity of information currently available, this research ought to be a helpful addition to the discussion.

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Daniel W. Linna Jr. is a Professor of Law in Residence and the Director of LegalRnD – The Center for Legal Services Innovation at Michigan State University College of Law. He teaches Quantitative Analysis for Lawyers, Litigation {Data, Theory, Practice, & Process}, Entrepreneurial Lawyering, and Lawyer Ethics and Regulation in a Technology-Driven World. Dan is also an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School, where he has taught Negotiation for several years and will teach Legal Technology & Innovation: Legal-Service Delivery in the 21st Century beginning in January 2018.